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On 15 January, 2008 I travelled to Stuttgart by plane with one of my clients, Mr. Vincze, in order that we could clarify the wording of a contract agreement with the German client of the company. After waiting in the waiting room of Budapest Ferihegy International Airport, we got on one of the planes of Malév, where the stewardesses served crispy sandwich, chocolate and drinks in the usual polite manner.

After we received a Hungarian chocolate wafer named Balaton and a sandwich made in Budapest, I assumed that I would get a beer produced in Hungary, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, we got the Slovajk beer named Zlatý Bažant, i.e. Golden Pheasant in English, which I have always liked, but it was strange that not a domestic product was served by a Hungarian airline. Next day, our mission ended successfully, we discussed the main points of the contract, we clarified the pending issues and we finalized the agreement.

On our way back we flew with Czech Airlines and we could enjoy the first rays of the sunrise beside the propellers by the wings. In front of me, ingeniously, on the back of the seat’s headrest, the latest advertisement of Škoda Fabia grinned at me in the face. After coffe and sandwich, the smiling stewardesses served Pilsner beer. I wondered why is it that the Czech airline advertises and serves domestic car and beer and why I saw the opposite on the Malév plane.

For the prosperity and better saleability of domestic products, isn’t only good marketing, but also a little more attention needed?

Benedek Lipták

Certified translator and interpreter


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