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In which cases might there be a need for the certified translation of deeds of association,

specimen signatures and articles of association?


In case for example, our company wants to work in the given country for a period of more than 6 months, in Switzerland, as it is the case of one of our old clients.


One option is the application for a long-term work permit at the migration office but in the present case the maximum number of permits has been reached and the company did not get

the permit.


Another option is to establish company premises.

The head of the premise can only be a Swiss citizen.


In order to establish company premises the company urgently needed the certified German translation of their deeds of association.


After that, the translation had to be taken to a notary, who added German-language notary certification to it. Then the Hungarian Notary Chamber certified the notary.


We prepared the certified German translation of the deeds of association for our client by the morning the next day and the notary added his notary certification to it, in the afternoon the Swiss Commercial Court already received the translation, which was accepted and the premise of the company was registered.


If you need the certified translation of your deeds of foundation, specimen signature, or other corporate documents, do reach out to us at the

budapest@benedictum.hu email address.