For about 4 months until October 17, 2007, I worked as a technical interpreter with Mr. Ian Walker, who on behalf of Thomas Broadbent and Sons, conducted an inspection of an industrial equipment.

Ian is a 49-year-old mechanical engineer with gray hair who has traveled almost the whole world through his work. He has worked in Vietnam, Russia, the USA, Nigeria, and Brazil, and he shared his experiences in great details.

The company where he works also has a foundry, where parts of industrial centrifuges are made.
One morning, on the way to work, he saw an Indian worker in a turban getting out of a gleaming Porsche Cayenne. In the UK, such a car would cost up to the equivalent of approx. 150,000 EURO, when it is new.

Ian went to the foundry manager and said:

“You seem to pay the foundry workers very well! I’ve been traveling overseas to conduct assembly for over 30 years and I can’t afford a car like this! If you have a vacancy, tell me... ”

The Indian colleague had previously worked at two places for years. He finished the work at the foundry at three in the afternoon, got into his white cab, and carried passengers until midnight.

Ian later got to know that the Porsche was a gift from the son to his father because he paid for his college expenses.

The boy became a successful lawyer and surprised his father with the luxury car to express his gratitude.

Benedek Lipták
Qualified interpreter and translator
Managing director