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Need legal translations into CEE languages?

The aim of our website is to provide legal translations into CEE languages for you.

Why CEE languages?

After the accession of the CEE countries to the EU, an increasing number of people migrated to the UK for work.
According to the UK Home Office, the number of people applying for work in the UK from the A8 countries – the eight Eastern and Central European nations – amounts to 683,000 workers.
The latest UK figures appear to show that Eastern and Central European migrants have started to move up the employment ladder and are occupying more professional positions.

Some 41 per cent of registered workers applied for work in administration, business or management positions during the last quarter. This compared with the 25 per cent three years ago when Britain opened its employment market to A8 workers.

According to the Home Office, since 2004 the health care industry has accounted for 19 per cent of the jobs filled by A8 workers, and agriculture 11 per cent.

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Why legal translations?

CEE migrants to the UK and their employers need legal translations in the following areas:

• Employment contracts
• Marriage, birth and school certificates, public documents
• Rental agreements
• Court proceedings
• Driver’s licences
• Lease contracts etc.

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Want to sleep well at night?

Legal texts are often a puzzle for us also in our own language because of the terminology. Best results are achieved if made by native speakers specializing in legal translations.

Not only language barriers but also differences in the legal systems of the various countries shall be overcome.

Therefore, if you want to sleep well, choose a translation agency that can

• Handle legal terminology
• Gap not only language barriers but also differences between the legal systems of the countries concerned
• Employs native speakers to translate into their respective mother tongues

What can we do for you?

Based on our experience (we work for more than 95 law firms) and with the help of our office in Budapest, Hungary, we are your local partner for legal translations in the following CEE language combinations:

• Hungarian-English
• English-Hungarian
• English-German
• German-English
• Russian-English
• English-Russian
• Ukrainian-English
• English-Ukrainian
• Czech-English
• English-Czech
• Slovakian-English
• English-Slovakian
• Romanian-English
• English-Romanian
• Polish-English
• English-Polish

Plan the cost of certificates and translations!

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