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Nowadays we feel more and more often like Mitch in the book called “The Firm”, who had to run for his life. It seems that today we have to take care of everything quickly, even when we are not sure, why. Everybody is busy, everybody is in a hurry – so we also have to be. There are some situations, however, when it is worth stopping and waiting, for example:
– good wine is the result of an ageing process which lasts for years
– a really good dinner can’t be cooked in a microwave oven
– a tall, shady walnut tree doesn’t grow in one day
Would translations be exceptions?
Though our record so far has been the translation of 149,000 characters (almost 100 pages) in a day, it is advisable to allow sufficient time to translate a contract or a certificate of incumbency.
Ok, but how much time is needed? Considering that the translator is the second author, it is a good idea if we get as much time for the translation of an articles of association or certificate of incumbency and for finding those expressions not included in dictionaries as for the preparation of the original.