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During listening to music there are people who like high sounds, while others like deep ones and they adjust the sliders on the equalizer accodingly.

We would like to let you know what „sliders” we use in our pricing policy in order that you can save money. Our pricing policy is influenced by the following factors:

  • Urgency: The more time we have for a translation, the less you will have to pay. So in the case of longer texts, don’t wait for the whole document to be prepared. If we can schedule the different parts together, you will have to pay lower prices.
  • Quantity: The price is also determined by the quantity, i.e. how many pages do we have to translate a day. Scheduling the quantity with you can reduce the cost of the translation.

Target language and source language: The cost of the translation of main European languages are lower than that of the exotic ones (e.g. Japanese). If the source language can be chosen (e.g. if a contract is at your disposal in more languages), we are glad to help you in choosing the source language with a favourable cost.