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The Statute is a document that regulates the operation of a specific organization (for example, a business or a non-profit organization). When is the translation and proofreading of the Statute necessary? The need for translation and proofreading arises when the language is different from the original language in which the statutes were written. It is also intended to ensure that the company’s founders and members fully understand its content. However, the translation is important not only when a company is founded, but also during its existence if the company wishes to expand in other countries.

The translation also helps the company comply with the laws of foreign countries and understand the differences between various cultural and business environments. Therefore, as the statute contains the basic rules and provisions of an organization’s operation, translation and proofreading are extremely important, for this reason we have collected for you what you should consider:

When translating the statutes, the followings shall be taken into account:

          • The statute written in the original language must be faithfully and accurately translated into the target language.
          • The translation must preserve the connotation and linguistic style of the original text.
          • The translation must accurately reflect the meaning and intention of the original text.

After the translation of the statutes, proofreading and authentication are also necessary. Proofreading means that the translator checks the translation to ensure that the document is accurate and correct.

          • During the proofreading, the use of words, correctness of language, spelling and grammatical structures are also checked.
          • During proofreading, it is also necessary to take into account whether the translation is consistent with the original text and whether it faithfully reflects its intention.
          • Joghatóság: Ha egy szervezetnek jogi eljárásra van szüksége más nyelvterületen, akkor az alapszabály pontos fordítása elengedhetetlen. Az adott ország hatóságai és bíróságai csak a hiteles és pontos fordítást fogadják el, hogy érvényes legyen a szervezet jogi álláspontja.
          • Helyi szabályozások és követelmények: Az alapszabály fordítása lehetővé teszi a szervezet számára, hogy megfeleljen a más nyelvterületen érvényben lévő helyi szabályozásoknak és követelményeknek, például adózási előírások, munkajogi szabályok vagy társasági jogi rendelkezések. A pontos fordítás segít a szervezetnek betartani ezeket a követelményeket és megfelelni nekik.

By official translation, we mean that we also certify the correspondence between the original document and the translation.

The translation and proofreading of the Statute is therefore a key task, as it helps the company operate in line with the law and be successful in the international market. Therefore, it requires both expertise and experience. Let BeneDictum Translation Agency do this job to ensure an accurate and understandable translation of the statutes.


I can contact BeneDictum even from Switzerland, when I need translation. They also translate scanned documents, which is extremely practical, so you do not have to wait for the post.

Judit Francsovics

The translations are not only accurate but also stylish. Thanks to this, I have received positive feedback from several places in Sydney while looking for a job.

Tamás Kárpáti

They provided the German translation of my thesis summary on special education quickly and professionally. Thank you for your kind and helpful attitude, as well as your accurate and valuable work! I would gladly place an order with them again! 

Éva Tán


What languages do you translate from/into?

English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Serbian, Hebrew, Turkish, Croatian, Slovak, Slovenian, Portuguese, Chinese, Greek, Swedish, Danish, Arabic and Hungarian.

How long does it take to complete the translation?

The translation deadline depends on the needs of our client. When sending a quote, we provide three prices, normal, urgent and express, so you can choose the one that suits you best. We can prepare the translation even in one business day.

Can I rely on confidentiality for legal and corporate translations?

Of course, we treat all incoming documents confidentially and ask our partners to do the same. Third parties will only be given access to the document if you have placed an order or if it is essential for the quotation due to the language pair and/or editing. However, if deemed necessary, a confidentiality agreement may be signed.

How will the final price be calculated?

In the case of translations, the final price is usually calculated on the basis of the number of characters (with spaces) in the target document, i.e. of the translation

In individual cases, a different calculation may be applied (e.g. unit price or source language character price), but this will always be indicated in the quotation.

I have to submit the completed translation to an official body. Is Benedictum Kft authorised to prepare such technical translation?

Yes, our company is authorised to provide technical translations. However, it is important to note that, according to the effective version of MT Decree 24/1986 (VI.26.), we can only provide certified translations of company extracts, data to be entered in the Commercial Register and company documents for use in Hungary. For other documents, we can issue a translation certified for official use (“certified translation”), in which we certify that it has been prepared by a professional translator and that it is identical in all respects to the original. In such cases, we usually recommend asking the recipient entity whether they accept the translation prepared by us, or whether they insist on the certified translation issued by OFFI Zrt.

We also produce certified translations for foreign use. In such cases, the above restriction does not apply. Based on our experience, our translations are accepted.

When and how can I pay for the translation?

For the first order, half of the estimated price will be invoiced as a deposit, which you can pay in cash at our office (Budapest/Debrecen/Miskolc) or by bank transfer. We will start the translation as soon as we receive the payment. In this case, please provide your invoice data when placing the order!

If it is not your first order, you can pay the invoice of the entire amount in cash at our office in (Budapest/Debrecen/Miskolc) or by bank transfer.