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It is extremely important that everything is perfect at the beginning of a new investment, for which error-free interpretation is essential.

Online and on-site technical interpretation plays a key role in investment projects in the automotive, petrochemical and energy sectors. In these types of businesses, accurate and precise communication is important, and this is where technical interpreters can be invaluable.

Why is technical interpretation needed in these sectors? The automotive, petrochemical and energy sectors are complex and technically advanced areas where the ability to communicate technical terminology and detailed technical information accurately is essential. Projects of this type often involve international companies, partners and suppliers who communicate in different languages. Appropriate technical interpretation is therefore key to efficient and effective collaboration.

In the automotive industry, the role of technical interpreters is outstanding. Car manufacturing companies are regularly involved in international projects to build new factories or plants and introduce innovative technologies. In this dynamic environment, the translation of technical documentation, contracts and negotiations is essential for companies to operate efficiently and develop their products and services effectively.

The petrochemical sector faces similar challenges. In the oil refining, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, project participants often communicate in different languages. In such projects, technical interpreters are responsible for the accurate transfer of information, including the translation and interpretation of engineering drawings, technical specifications and safety standards.

In addition, technical interpreters play an important role during meetings to ensure proper communication between project participants and local authorities in order to comply with environmental and safety regulations.

In the energy sector, including power plants and renewable energy sources, technical interpretation is essential for successful projects. Energy projects tend to be large and complex, and accurate and precise communication is required in many disciplines, such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or automation. Technical interpreters are able to convey technical terms and technical information specific to the energy industry, ensuring effective collaboration between project participants and the achievement of appropriate results.

Recently we have contributed to the introduction of a maintenance and security SAP system at a Hungarian company. This one-and-a-half-year project highlights the importance of accurate translation and interpretation.

What was this project about?

The theme of the project was the Lock Out, Tag Out (LOTO) safety procedure. “Lockout/tagout” refers to specific practices and procedures to safeguard employees from the unexpected energization or startup of machinery and equipment, or the release of hazardous energy during service or maintenance activities. Employees can be seriously or fatally injured if the machinery they service or maintain unexpectedly energizes, starts up, or releases stored energy. (source:

What is tag out and lock out?

When maintenance is performed at a power plant, certain systems are locked out. Lock out means placing a lock on an energy isolating device so that the equipment cannot be activated until the lockout device is removed. Tag out means placing a tag or sign to a device as a warning so that the equipment cannot be operated until the tag out is removed. (source: During the project, we performed translation and interpreting tasks from and into English and German.

What could have been the cause of the misunderstanding?

One of the key terms in the project was ‘Freischaltung’, which means activation in English. However, within the SAP system, it means the opposite: safety disconnection and deactivation. Misinterpreting a term can cause enormous damage. A translation / interpretation error might cause serious financial damages that would cost the investor millions of euros and even several months of downtime. It is very important to know that in the case of technical interpretation, knowledge of terminology plays a key role.

Why choose us?

Technical interpretation is key to investment projects in the automotive, petrochemical and energy sectors. The right technical interpreters ensure professional communication and accurate information transfer, minimising the risks of misunderstandings and errors. They also contribute to more efficient and effective project implementation and enable companies to remain competitive in the global market.

If your company operates in the automotive, petrochemical or energy sectors and you need technical interpretation, don’t hesitate to contact us. BeneDictum Kft. works with expert technical interpreters who have experience and expertise in these fields. We provide high quality and reliable translations and online and on-site interpretations that contribute to the successful implementation and results of your project.

If quality is important to you and you would like to hire interpreters from the right field for your investment, do not hesitate to contact us. Each field has its own specific terminology, language and vocabulary, which is why we find it important to emphasize that we always entrust technical interpreters with expertise in the given field.

Do not let language barriers slow down your business. Take advantage of technical interpreting and contact us today to make your technical projects a success!



I can contact BeneDictum even from Switzerland, when I need translation. They also translate scanned documents, which is extremely practical, so you do not have to wait for the post.

Judit Francsovics

The translations are not only accurate but also stylish. Thanks to this, I have received positive feedback from several places in Sydney while looking for a job.

Tamás Kárpáti

They provided the German translation of my thesis summary on special education quickly and professionally. Thank you for your kind and helpful attitude, as well as your accurate and valuable work! I would gladly place an order with them again! 

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What languages do you translate from/into?

English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Serbian, Hebrew, Turkish, Croatian, Slovak, Slovenian, Portuguese, Chinese, Greek, Swedish, Danish, Arabic and Hungarian.

How long does it take to complete the translation?

The translation deadline depends on the needs of our client. When sending a quote, we provide three prices, normal, urgent and express, so you can choose the one that suits you best. We can prepare the translation even in one business day.

Can I rely on confidentiality for legal and corporate translations?

Of course, we treat all incoming documents confidentially and ask our partners to do the same. Third parties will only be given access to the document if you have placed an order or if it is essential for the quotation due to the language pair and/or editing. However, if deemed necessary, a confidentiality agreement may be signed.

How will the final price be calculated?

In the case of translations, the final price is usually calculated on the basis of the number of characters (with spaces) in the target document, i.e. of the translation

In individual cases, a different calculation may be applied (e.g. unit price or source language character price), but this will always be indicated in the quotation.

I have to submit the completed translation to an official body. Is Benedictum Kft authorised to prepare such technical translation?

Yes, our company is authorised to provide technical translations. However, it is important to note that, according to the effective version of MT Decree 24/1986 (VI.26.), we can only provide certified translations of company extracts, data to be entered in the Commercial Register and company documents for use in Hungary. For other documents, we can issue a translation certified for official use (“certified translation”), in which we certify that it has been prepared by a professional translator and that it is identical in all respects to the original. In such cases, we usually recommend asking the recipient entity whether they accept the translation prepared by us, or whether they insist on the certified translation issued by OFFI Zrt.

We also produce certified translations for foreign use. In such cases, the above restriction does not apply. Based on our experience, our translations are accepted.

When and how can I pay for the translation?

For the first order, half of the estimated price will be invoiced as a deposit, which you can pay in cash at our office (Budapest/Debrecen/Miskolc) or by bank transfer. We will start the translation as soon as we receive the payment. In this case, please provide your invoice data when placing the order!

If it is not your first order, you can pay the invoice of the entire amount in cash at our office in (Budapest/Debrecen/Miskolc) or by bank transfer.