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A contract is a legal document that records an agreement between two or more parties. As defined in the contract, the parties assume obligations, grant rights or perform certain activities. Contracts can be written or oral, but written contracts are usually stronger and more accurate as evidence. In most cases, the parties determine the content of the contract freely. 

Translation of the contract is necessary when the original contract or its parts are to be translated into another language. This can be the translation of the original contract into another language, or the update or clarification of existing translations.

Contract translation may be necessary in many situations, for example:

  • International business relations: when a business agreement is concluded between two or more international companies, the translation of the contract is essential. This ensures that all parties understand the content, obligations and rights of the contract.
  • Foreign investments: if a company or individual wants to buy real estate or invest abroad, the translation of the contract is important. This will help you understand the investment terms, legal obligations and risks.
  • Employment contracts: if an employee wants to work in another country, he may need a translation of the employment contract. This ensures that both the employer and the employee clearly understand the terms of employment, pay, working hours and rights.
  • Legal disputes and court proceedings: if legal disputes or court proceedings arise between international parties, contract translation can be important.

Why is contract translation important?

  • Legal security: the contract serves to record the legal obligations, rights and responsibilities between the parties. With an accurate translation, we ensure that the contract reflects all responsibilities and conditions in the correct way and thus strengthens legal security for both parties.
  • Accuracy and comprehensibility: a clear and precise wording of the contract is essential in order for the parties to understand the content of the contract and their obligations. Through translation, we ensure that all the linguistic nuances and legal concepts of the contract are correctly conveyed in the other language.
  • International business relations: contract translation is essential in cases where two or more international companies establish business relations. This ensures that all details and terms of the contract are correctly and accurately understood by all parties, enabling successful business cooperation.
  • Legal disputes and court proceedings: if legal disputes or court proceedings arise between international parties, contract translation can be important. A translation that properly conveys the given language and legal concepts helps the parties and the courts to accurately interpret the content of the contract and make a judgment in the legal dispute.

Who needs contract translation?

  • Business enterprises: companies may need contract translation when establishing international business relationships, partnership agreements or license agreements.
  • Lawyers and legal representatives: lawyers and legal representatives often prepare or have contract translations prepared for clients in their legal representation and ensure accurate and reliable translations during legal disputes or transactions.
  • Individuals: such as people working abroad or buying real estate, may also need a contract translation.

Contract translation is therefore important for organizations, companies, legal entities and individuals who maintain international business relationships, enter into legal agreements, or are in a situation where accurate and reliable translation is essential for legal security and effective communication.

BeneDictum Kft. employs specialists who have experience in contract translation. Our translators have not only linguistic skills, but also legal knowledge, which helps to ensure that the contract is properly and accurately translated according to the rules of the legal language. BeneDictum Kft.'s quality control processes guarantee high-quality translations. Proofreading helps to detect possible errors, inaccuracies or misunderstandings, thereby ensuring reliable and accurate contract translation.


I can contact BeneDictum even from Switzerland, when I need translation. They also translate scanned documents, which is extremely practical, so you do not have to wait for the post.

Judit Francsovics

The translations are not only accurate but also stylish. Thanks to this, I have received positive feedback from several places in Sydney while looking for a job.

Tamás Kárpáti

They provided the German translation of my thesis summary on special education quickly and professionally. Thank you for your kind and helpful attitude, as well as your accurate and valuable work! I would gladly place an order with them again! 

Éva Tán


What languages do you translate from/into?

English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Serbian, Hebrew, Turkish, Croatian, Slovak, Slovenian, Portuguese, Chinese, Greek, Swedish, Danish, Arabic and Hungarian.

How long does it take to complete the translation?

The translation deadline depends on the needs of our client. When sending a quote, we provide three prices, normal, urgent and express, so you can choose the one that suits you best. We can prepare the translation even in one business day.

Can I rely on confidentiality for legal and corporate translations?

Of course, we treat all incoming documents confidentially and ask our partners to do the same. Third parties will only be given access to the document if you have placed an order or if it is essential for the quotation due to the language pair and/or editing. However, if deemed necessary, a confidentiality agreement may be signed.

How will the final price be calculated?

In the case of translations, the final price is usually calculated on the basis of the number of characters (with spaces) in the target document, i.e. of the translation

In individual cases, a different calculation may be applied (e.g. unit price or source language character price), but this will always be indicated in the quotation.

I have to submit the completed translation to an official body. Is Benedictum Kft authorised to prepare such technical translation?

Yes, our company is authorised to provide technical translations. However, it is important to note that, according to the effective version of MT Decree 24/1986 (VI.26.), we can only provide certified translations of company extracts, data to be entered in the Commercial Register and company documents for use in Hungary. For other documents, we can issue a translation certified for official use (“certified translation”), in which we certify that it has been prepared by a professional translator and that it is identical in all respects to the original. In such cases, we usually recommend asking the recipient entity whether they accept the translation prepared by us, or whether they insist on the certified translation issued by OFFI Zrt.

We also produce certified translations for foreign use. In such cases, the above restriction does not apply. Based on our experience, our translations are accepted.

When and how can I pay for the translation?

For the first order, half of the estimated price will be invoiced as a deposit, which you can pay in cash at our office (Budapest/Debrecen/Miskolc) or by bank transfer. We will start the translation as soon as we receive the payment. In this case, please provide your invoice data when placing the order!

If it is not your first order, you can pay the invoice of the entire amount in cash at our office in (Budapest/Debrecen/Miskolc) or by bank transfer.